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Auction Marketing
Automation for Shopify

Batch lets you collect and convert customer offers into revenue. A new and innovative way to


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Hundreds of innovative Shopify retailers sell with Batch

It's become my go-to solution for clearing out inventory, whether it be slow-movers, during the off-season or just to round-out the month, Batch has become an integral part of our marketing stack.

Brie P.
Head of Ecommerce, CakeMyBake

Grow sales without markdowns

Let customers choose the price they're willing to pay rather than blasting your customers with discount codes and compromising margins.

The only checkout of its kind

Batch appears in your store's most abandonned areas and lets your customers checkout with a mix of items they want to Buy Now and offers on items they would otherwise abandon.

  • Lightning fast checkout

    Let customers checkout from anywhere on your website in 3 clicks and less than 20 seconds

  • Collect prepaid offers

    Increase cart activity by collecting preauthorized offers on items customers are on the fence about

  • Reduce cart abandonment

    Never lose a sale because of price again and discover what your customers are really willing to pay

Turn offers into orders in seconds

When you accept an offer, Batch immediately captures the payment and transforms the offer into a new unfulfilled order. Instantly Grow sales by accepting as many offers at a time as you like!

  • Activate offers in seconds

    When an offer is made, it preauthorizes a transaction that you as a merchant can claim with a single click right from the Shopify Admin

  • Create instant store revenue

    As a merchant you’ll begin receiving several more offers than you do conversions. Cherry pick which offers to accept one by one or whole rows of offers by the batch

  • Clear out any inventory in seconds

    With Batch, you can clear and sell out any inventory. Use Batch aggressively on the off-season and passively during BFCM!

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